Park Seismic LLC provides services in data processing and reporting in MASW surveys for typical applications.  To improve cost-
effectiveness and time-efficiency, MASW field surveys can be performed by a local geophysical company with experience in
multichannel seismic surveys (refraction or reflection seismic surveys).  We provide free pre-survey consultation for proper field
logistics.  We often send detailed instructions for the local company to effectively perform the field data-acquisition operation.  

Click for list of equipment necessary for MASW survey.

The overall procedure for the service usually consists of following steps:

1.  Feasibility Inquiry

A local geophysical service company contacts Park Seismic to assess the feasibility of using the MASW approach for a specific project
by briefly describing the following:

2.  Survey Plans and Cost Evaluation

If the client chooses to proceed, survey plans and estimated cost (quotation) are sent.  Options usually provide variations in cost and
overall integrity of the survey (e.g., cost and integrity evaluation for different survey intervals).  

3.  Field Survey

Preliminary analysis of the pilot survey (if chosen) takes place immediately and results are delivered back to the field crews in real time.  
Once the actual production survey begins, the acquired data set can be sent to Park Seismic at the end of each day or at the end of
the project as a single package, depending on the purpose of the survey.  

4.  Data Processing and Reporting

After all data sets are delivered to Park Seismic, detailed analysis takes place promptly and the final report is made available within 1-2
business days or up to 2 weeks, depending on the data size.