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Video Conference for MASW Consultation/Education

We offer consultation and education services via Skype (or Google Hangout) by
appointment.  Tailored consultations will be provided by
Dr. Choon Park, lead author
of the MASW technique.  Each session comprises a 45-minute screen-share video
conference with preset date-time and agenda. To set up an appointment, please fill
out and send the form provided on the right side.

Topical areas may include consultation on
upcoming projects, data analysis and
, MASW tutorials, and software (ParkSEIS) demonstration/tutorials.  
Please indicate appropriate area(s) you would like to address when you fill out the

Project Consultation
    Includes a feasibility analysis of potential projects you are interested in
    engaging. Details in field logistics (e.g., optimum acquisition and recording
    parameters) and data analysis tactics (e.g., 1D, 2D, or back-scattering
    analysis, etc.) may also be discussed when appropriate.  

Data Analysis and Results
    Consultation regarding available approaches to data analysis in association
    with specific data sets you are considering. Interpretation of results and
    possibility of quality improvement can also be discussed when appropriate.   

MASW Tutorial
    We are also happy to provide instruction regarding the fundamentals of
    MASW technique via power-point presentation, based on professional training
    courses offered through, for example, SAGEEP-2019, University of South
    Florida (USF), and others scheduled.  The format of the tutorial can be flexible
    to user needs and often includes substantial time for Q&A.  You can specify
    topic(s) of tutorial in the request form (e.g., typical applications, field
    acquisition, data analysis, etc.).

Software (ParkSEIS) Demonstration/Tutorial
    We can also provide a demonstration regarding the general flow of MASW
    data analysis using ParkSEIS software. Inquiries about specific aspects of the
    software may also be discussed. (
Park Seismic LLC, Shelton, Connecticut (