The main purpose of this site is to provide those practitioners and researchers who tap on the feasibility of the method for their own
projects with general information about the MASW method.  The site’s main categories include both practical and theoretical aspects.  The
practical categories are largely divided into
HARDWARE and SOFTWARE that are needed to perform MASW surveys.  They also include the final
PRODUCT from the survey.  Theoretical categories deal with what it is, procedure, table of optimum acquisition parameters, history of surface-
wave method, types of MASW method, and applications.  Also included is a general description of the seismic method.  These contents are
explained in the simplest manner possible, and the articles listed in the  
References section will cover in-depth technical aspects.

This site is operated by Park Seismic LLC specializing in the service of the MASW method.
MASW is an acronym of Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves.  It is a seismic exploration technique first introduced in GEOPHYSICS by
Park et al., (1999).  It evaluates ground stiffness by measuring shear-wave velocity (Vs) of subsurface in 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D for various types of
geotechnical engineering projects in the most common depth range of 0-30 meters.  Since its first introduction in the late 1990s, it has been
utilized by many practitioners and researched by many investigators worldwide.
    A new version of ParkSEIS (v. 3.0) AUTO is now available.  The most significant feature is the "AUTO"
    module which provides a fully automated default sequence of MASW data analysis.  This means you can
    now generate shear-wave velocity (Vs) profiles (1D or 2D) with one click after importing seismic data.  
    Please watch this on YouTube.  The traditional manual approach is still available with even more
    advanced options for research and QA/QC purposes.  More details about the AUTO feature are explained
here.  All other additions, updates, modifications, and bug fixes incorporated in this version of ParkSEIS are explained here.

ParkSEIS provides the most up-to-date comprehensive tools in the history of MASW development.  The technical algorithms have evolved through
the last two decades of
author's career as developer and practitioner of MASW, making it the most robust and reliable MASW analysis tool
available today.  A brief introduction of the software features is presented
here.  More technical details of the software can be found online.  
Overall features of ParkSEIS are introduced in
this video.   
Now we provide a full spectrum of MASW Services.
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